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When designing a website you as our client will have multiple options to choose from. To begin you can always choose to have your present website redesigned, or would you much rather have a totally new website with a modern design? Next to that we can also offer websites based on a script or website with special add-ons.


When restyling a website we check your present site. This way we can use the old design and rebuild it into a new look. That means the information posted on the website can stay the same but the design will be renewed. When we do this you can think about changing colors, renewing the website logo, other font type, updated pictures and/or a new layout. Since the information wonít be renewed, not everything has to be changed but it will look like a brand new website. Changing your website this way will save lots of time and money.

New websites:

Creating a new website is a lot of work. The website must be closely related to your business style as well as making it interesting for the people youíre trying to reach. This will be different for every business or institution, thatís why there arenít any standard rules that determine the websitesí success. An inventory will be made based on your wishes and business style or logo colors. This will in the end be translated into a website so it will be close to the image and the way you want to profile you company on the Internet. Thatís exactly what you will find in the websites we create.

Possible websites are:
  • Online Shops
  • Service Dedicated Websites
  • Informative Websites
  • "Get Paid to Surf" websites
  • "High Yield" websites
  • Direct Sales websites
  • Internet Forums
Optional add-ons:
  • Flash intro and Flash designs
  • JAVA Script and JAVA Applets
  • Background Music
  • Animated gifs
  • Photo presentations
  • Webforms and emailforms
  • Password Protected Areaís
Website Templates:

Creating a website based on a template (pre-designed website) is becoming very popular these days. You choose a design which you like and after that we add some features and personalize it based on your wishes and desires, that way the website is still original and authentic. We can to show you our templates, if you wish to view them please contact us for some examples.