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Website Scripts

These days people are using a lot of pre-programmed scripts. When thinking about scripts, think of a forum, surfscripts, HYIPsites, listingscripts and/or goldexchange websites. The script is fully ready to go including a few standard designs so the user can upload the script to the Internet and use it at once.

Especially the GoldCoders scripts are very popular lately, Since there are only a few designs added to the script many websites you visit will look exactly the same.

NETDesigns has specialised itself to create new and fully adapted designs for these scripts. We can change and redesign the script based on you wishes and demands. The full design and the layout can be altered as well as changing colors, logos, buttons and text. Everything can be redesigned as you like.

Show your future members that your website is different than all the others. We will be glad to help you with these modifications. We can offer GoldCoders scripts, AJ HYIP and LJScripts and alter them all to your specifications. Next to that we are experienced in setting up Simple Machines Forums.

If you have additional questions the please contact us,
we will be glad to help you.