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Offshore Hosting

Offshore Hosting becomes more and more interesting for online merchants as well as for individuals since they can generate an income which can’t be touched by any government. By placing your website offshore and by accepting online (so called) e-currencies you will be under Panamanian law so you don’t have to pay any taxes (VAT/Income tax) in your own country.

Think about websites which offer ringtones for cell phones, MP3 downloads, eBooks, “Get Paid to Surf”, online investments (HYIPs), online lotteries or casinos etc. By offering these services or products via a website hosted in Panama while accepting online currencies you can create a very nice income which doesn’t fall under your own country laws or restrictions.

You can receive payments via (for example) eGold, eBullion, 1MDC, credit cards, Paypal and even by bank wires*. Just as long as your funds aren’t deposited at your local bank account the tax office can’t charge any income tax on your funds.

NETDesigns can help you by creating your website, hosting the website offshore and letting you accept online currencies via your website. Next to that, as an online merchant, you’re looking at ways to keep your identity safe and secret. Because of that reason we can offer you domain names with Privacy Registration. This means that no one can find out who you are or who’s behind the website**.

If you’re in need of offshore webhosting we will redirect you to our colleagues in Panama. For webdesign, scripts, forums, e-currencies and domain names we will gladly help you personally. Have you already registered a domain name with us? Then you might want to visit the website of HostingPanama™ for more information on offshore webhosting. Would you rather have NETDesigns take care of everything? Then please contact us for more information.

* When accepting bank wires you will have to open an Offhore bank account.
** In case of illegal activity the FBI or Interpol is able to get these details.