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Offshore Email Address

NETDesigns offers our visitors the ability to use an offshore anonymous email address. All the email accounts come standard with multiple Web Based email options and 50Mb storage space. As a member you are able to login 24hrs a day and 7 days a week from any location in the world!

You are free to choose your own email address located at the Panamanian server. Your address will be looking like this: If in any event someone traces your email, it will direct them to the server in Panama. This guarantees you anonymity and no-one will be able to trace it back to your actual location.

The server checks for viruses, that way you're email account is safe from any malicious code. If you receive SPAM you can block that inside your account (by webmail) so you will not receive those messages anymore. Having an email address at is fully private, they won't add any text, links or advertisements to your outgoing messages. The email address can be used for personal use but you may also use it as a company email address.

If desired, you can receive your emails via a POP/SMTP account which can be set up in Outlook Express or any other email application. When you use your own email application to receive and send emails your home IP address will be in the source code which makes it able to trace your location. Using webmail (logging in at our website) the IP from the Panamanian server will be attached to the source code which makes it unable for anyone to trace you to your actual location. You may of course use you own email application and webmail at the same time.

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