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Terms of Service only works based on freelance contracting which (partially) has to be paid up front. All orders have to be paid within 8 days after receiving your order. The charges are to be paid via either eGold, eBullion, 1MDC, credit card, Paypal or bank wire. As soon as we start the design for your website or if you ordered a domain name and hosting no refunds will be given. is affiliated with HostingPanama™ and but we are not responsible if you might have any problems using their services. Maybe a problem or issue comes up that we are able to assist you with. But if the issue cannot be resolved NETDesigns cannot be held responsible. is able to create any kind of website and place it online when completed. We do not judge or inform about the goals the buyer has or how he/she is going to use the website. Even though we can create any kind of website cannot be held responsible for the content of the website which has been made in accordance with, and based on, the buyers wishes. does not offer any warranties nor do we accept any responsibility concerning the content, data, advisements, statements, software, products or any other material at websites we link to from our own website. protects itself from any form of liability at providing the offered services. All website texts, modifications, prices, offers and changes are subject to change without notice.

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